TRIGGER MARKETING GROUP -- We save car dealers money by eliminating wasted advertising expenses and applying a focused approach, so that every hard earned advertising dollar works harder.
DealerSERVE has successfully worked with a large number of auto dealers since 1996 providing various digital and offline solutions that help dealers' bottom-line. We are pleased to offer the AUTO BUY BACK platform to our dealers.
LET'S TRADE KEYS -- Online, we help dealers capture more leads on the inventory page at their website by adding a ''Let's Trade Keys'' button to each car. Offline, we help dealers plan, implement and maintain LET'S TRADE KEYS campaigns through our affiliates.
TEXT AUTOS INFO -- Innovative and convenient, you can now initiate the process to sell or buy a car by TEXT. You will enjoy interacting with our intuitive TEXT AUTOS INFO concierge computer, which will coordinate between you and the Authorized Local Dealer.
ROGEE CVM -- As a leading website vendor for commercial vehicles dealers nationwide, we now feature the AUTO BUY BACK platform for dealers concentrated on fleet sales.
Orange County - OC Car Buyer is always in the market for just about any vehicle in any condition. We buy everything from high-end cars for $100k+ to wrecked or non-running vehicles. We're local, we're hassle-free and we want to buy your car!
OVERFLOW WORKS -- We are your direct-mail marketing experts that specialize in the mortgage, auto and solar industries. We are passionate about our customers' success!


AUTO BUY BACK, Inc. has teamed up with a number of industry-leading agencies who can provide auto dealers with affiliate-branded access to the AUTO BUY BACK ® platform.

Our affiliates include full-service advertising agencies, events promotion companies, dealer website vendors, and other companies dedicated to the success of local auto dealerships.

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Use the form below to contact us.