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Friday, June 1, 2018

AUTO BUY BACK brings artificial intelligence, transparency and efficiency to the automotive industry's vehicle buyback process

SANTA MONICA, CA -- adds AI to the already innovative AUTO BUY BACK platform. This unique platform is a revolutionary, first of its kind, solution in the automotive industry. The AUTO BUY BACK platform solves many of the problems currently facing the ''SELL MY CAR'' and ''TRADE MY CAR'' aspects of the industry. AUTO BUY BACK helps consumers get hassle-free car appraisals and guaranteed cash offers from participating local auto dealerships.

''Our startup is now generating our first bit of revenue after only being in the marketplace for one month. We are competing in the 170 billion dollar automotive advertising industry. Capturing market share quickly, we are poised to become one of the fastest growing startups in the Silicon Beach, Los Angeles startups ecosystem. Furthermore, we have assembled a powerful executive management team to support our growth,'' said Frank Colson, Co-founder & CEO of AUTO BUY BACK, Inc.

Artificial Intelligence Texting

''With the launch of our all-new TEXT AUTOS INFO module, the AUTO BUY BACK platform now gives consumers the ability to correspond with local dealerships through innovative and exciting AI Texting. This technology is mind-blowing!'' said Rogee Rogers, Co-founder & CTO of AUTO BUY BACK, Inc.


California-based startup, AUTO BUY BACK, Inc. was co-founded by automotive industry executives, Frank Colson, CEO, and Rogee Rogers, CTO, who both saw that there were too many layers wedged between car dealerships and car shoppers when selling or trading in a vehicle. The executives assessed the need in the industry and developed the AUTO BUY BACK platform to identify, automate and solve dealers' specific needs and customers' wants.

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